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kayak paddleNew 5 piece paddle
Really sturdy paddle with the ability to strip down for storage
(Great for packing in luggage)
Secure "Click loc" Blades
Can be configured as a single
230cms. kayak paddle or as two
boat oars.
You could even use as 2 x Indian Canoe style paddles
 (But No "T" piece ends)
£14.99  uk mainland del £5.28

Same price delivery for 2 x paddles
Amount Choice
RUK. combination paddleRUK. Quality Combination Paddle
Contoured blades, two piece alloy shafts

One double kayak paddle or two Indian canoe style paddles with "T" piece ends
Adjustable feather angle

£32.99 uk mainland del. £5.00

k perf paddle
Sevylor K-Perf Paddle
230cms. long ,lightweight kayak paddle from  Sevylor
Spoon shaped blades , adjustable feather

£27.99 uk mainland del. £5.00
  Intex Doublequick pump
   Intex Doublequick 19" Pump   (High Pressure)
Double acting, pumps on both strokes
Will deflate as well as inflate
Complete with all adapters

£14.50  Free uk. mainland del.